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Discover Ozan SuperApp!

Open an account instantly, send money without any fees or spend and earn cashback!
You’re always one step ahead in games, entertainment, shopping and travel with the Ozan SuperApp.

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Discover Ozan SuperApp!

Open an account instantly

Open TRY, USD, EUR or GBP accounts within seconds. No waiting, no fees.

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Top up and start spending

Top up your account via bank transfer or credit/debit card and start making and receiving payments anywhere in the world.

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Send and receive money 24/7

You can send and receive money 24/7 between Ozan SuperApp accounts, or transfer money to your bank account without any fees. It’s safe, easy and lightning fast!

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Pay and receive via QR code

You can make and receive payments via QR code at lightning speed.

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Earn cashback from everyday spending

Earn cashback from your QR and Ozan SuperCard payments at thousands of merchant locations and spend it as you wish.

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Ozan SuperApp Screen Ozan SuperApp Screen Ozan SuperApp Screen Ozan SuperApp Screen Ozan SuperApp Screen Ozan SuperApp Screen

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Your favourite game and entertainment services are just a click away. Enjoy unique opportunities and earn SuperPin.

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It’s really super app, nice on boarding processes and user friendly app



The app’s design is excellent and very user-friendly!



Its design is so clear that you will be able to use it without any difficulty!



Love the Game Mode. I quickly purchased the Steam code. Nice!