How Does Music Affect Your Brain?

12 May 2022

Music… The lyrics accompanying the melodies filled with emotion or the notes that take over our hearts without the need for any words…

The effects created by the infinitely varied melodic world of music, which is considered to be among the most basic needs of the soul, even for rationalist minds, are well-known. But today we will talk about certain effects of music that might go beyond feeding the soul and cause some physical reactions in the body.

How does listening to music affect the brain? What do the physical reactions caused by music indicate? How does music shape our emotional world? We’ll try to answer all these questions. So let’s get started!

What Happens In Our Brain While Listening to Music?


Our auditory channels establish the first connection with the sounds created by the coming together of different notes. So, when you turn up the volume of that song that makes your heart tremble, it is actually your hearing organs that react before your heart.

These vibrations activate the cortices responsible for the brain’s function of making sense of hearing, creating a complex communication form. Especially if you listen to the music that touches the past memories, a revel begins in your brain that activates all parts of the brain related to the management of mind and memory, including the amygdala.

When listening to music, the brain releases the body’s natural pain reliever, endorphins. Besides, the pleasure center of the brain, called the nucleus accumbens, is activated to make you feel good, and it makes you feel like you are doing your favorite thing.

The Effects of Music on Body


One of the strangest aspects of the human body is that although it must have a lot of physical input in order to work like an engine, it is also heavily influenced by the senses and emotions as well as incorporeal things.

It is known that major or minor notes that stimulate the senses while listening to music affect the intensity of different hormones. In other words, whether you cannot help your tears while listening to sad songs or cannot stop dancing to the rhythm of upbeat melodies, the whole thing actually stems from the senses that trigger hormone accumulation. This state of sadness or happiness returns to our body as energy, adrenaline or stress depending on the notes.

Emotional Effects of Music

If there has been some music that you cannot stop listening to, the main reason for this is the driving force of music in activating emotions. The habit developed against this power; to live emotions to the fullest and to feed the feelings of love, mourning, hopes or dreams with musical notes becomes very important especially for music lovers. 

The melodies that put you on an emotional roller-coaster also nourish human cognitive abilities and raise your level of sensitivity.

The Mozart Effect


Some research findings conducted in the 90s revealed the positive effects of listening to classical music on IQ and mental activities. So, listening to classical music not only feeds the soul, but also the intellect.

The studies based on age groups show that apart from the emotional and hormonal effects of classical music on the human mind, it also contributes to intelligence and rational thinking. This scientific fact revealed as a result of the research is called the Mozart Effect. Mozart, the first person that comes to almost everyone’s mind when it comes to classical music, is now remembered not only for his rendering of emotions but also for the minds fed by his genius.

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