Money Transfer

Money Transfer

Enjoy high-limit, easy and secure 24/7 money transfers with Ozan SuperApp

Send/Receive Money 24/7

  • Send/receive money between Ozan SuperApp users 24/7 for free.
  • Transfer your balance to your bank account 24/7 with FAST.

Switch to Premium Account and AvoidLimits

  • Switch to a Premium Account and increase your limit for money transfers to 1,000,000 TL.
  • No transition fee, no monthly dues!
  • Sign up and switch to Premium Account for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send money to your Ozan SuperApp account via digital bank channels. After clicking the “top up” button on the Ozan SuperApp home screen, select the bank you’d like to transfer money to and access our (Ozan Elektronik Para A.Ş.) bank account information and instructions on how to complete the money transfer. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction and monitor your Ozan SuperApp account balance.

Enter either the Turkish National ID or phone number of the recipient to locate the Ozan SuperApp user you want to send money to. Complete the transaction entering the amount of money you’d like to transfer.

You can transfer funds between Ozan SuperApp accounts or to your bank accounts 24/7 using FAST.