5 Great Apps to Watch TV Series/Movies with Your Friends

2 May 2021

The only thing better than watching a great movie is watching it with your friends and talking about it! However, you may not always be able to meet up with friends to watch movies. You might be too lazy to leave the house. Do you have to give up on movie nights in that case? Of course not! Thanks to technology, you can now simultaneously watch movies with your friends, and you can even talk to them while you all watch. How? Here are apps for remotely watching TV series or movies with friends…

House Party

House Party is an app that lets you communicate with groups of people of your choosing via video or audio calls. It can be used on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Launched in 2016 and awarded the Webby Breakout of the Year Award in 2020, this app can be installed on Android or iOS devices. To use House Party on your computer, you need to install a Chrome extension.

On the app, you can view your contacts, invite your friends to join the app, or find whoever you’d like by typing their name into the search bar. House Party allows participants in a chat group to share their screen. So, you or one of your friends can share the movie with all of your friends and you can all enjoy whichever movie you chose together.


Another app you can use to watch movies by sharing your screen is Zoom. All you need to do is install the app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Although Zoom is mostly used for online meetings, you can choose to use it however you want. After logging into the app, you can start a new chat by clicking the “New Meeting” button and invite your friends using the “Join” button. Then, one of you can start playing the movie you want to watch and share their screen, letting all participants watch the movie simultaneously.

Netflix Party / Teleparty

You may know the Teleparty app as Netflix Party. Teleparty is an improved version of Netflix Party, which now supports the HBO, Hulu, and Disney+ platforms along with Netflix. To install Teleparty, all you need to do is download the app extension from the Chrome Web Store. All your friends with whom you want to watch movies have to do this. After all of you have installed the Teleparty extension, login to one of the platforms supported by the app and click the “Start Teleparty” button. When you invite your friends by using a link, a special Teleparty room is created for you. In this room, you can watch whatever movie you want and talk to each other using the chatbox on the side.


Watch2gether is an app that was designed to let you watch any video content with your friends, and it supports lots of platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook. When you visit the official Watch2gether website on your computer’s browser, you’ll see the “Create A Room” button. This button allows you to create a chat room and invite your friends to join it. After you’ve created the chat room, you can invite your friends to the room and start playing any video you want. When a chat participant starts playing a video using their app, the video starts playing on the screens of all participants and you can start having loads of fun. You can even create playlists for future use on Watch2gether.


If you want to watch TV series, movies, or videos on YouTube with a friend, you can use the Gaze app. The app’s interface is quite simple. After you’ve created a room on the app, you need to send your friend an invitation link. So, you and your friend can both join the room watch any video you want simultaneously. However, for the time being, Gaze only lets you open chat rooms for two people. So, if you’re planning a movie night for a big group of friends, you might want to choose another app.

Bonus: Twitch Watch Party

This one for Twitch lovers! Twitch’s parent company Amazon launched the Twitch Watch Party feature in April 2020. This feature lets you watch Amazon Prime Video content simultaneously. However, everyone who’s watching needs to have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. The app can only be accessed on a desktop browser for the time being. The app developers are still working on making Twitch Watch Party available on mobile devices.

With these apps, you can have movie nights to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to download the Ozan SuperApp to manage your money with just one click from anywhere in the world!

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