Collaboration Between Ozan SuperApp and MetropolCard: Pay with QR Code, Earn Cashback Balance!

7 July 2021

With the rapid integration of the internet into our lives, many innovations have occurred in digital finance as well. While many financial services are now delivered through a few clicks on smartphones, collaborations between fintech companies create a highly advantageous environment for the users. The innovations in payment methods will make your life easier with features that can be used without a wallet or a card.

Ozan Electronic Money now offers new features arising from the collaboration between Ozan SuperApp and MetropolCard since the beginning of 2021. These user-friendly features enable you to save time and also earn cashback after each payment made with MetropolCard. Here are the details:

Contactless Payment

Ozan SuperApp keeps announcing new features and collaborations each month. Ozan SuperApp now integrates with MetropolCard system and enables contactless payment at over 35,000 Metropol merchant locations – kiosks, markets, cafes, and restaurants.

QR Code Payment

It’s very easy and convenient to pay with QR codes! It cancels the need to carry a physical card. With QR technology, it’s sufficient just to have your smartphone with you. And it’s highly secure. The personalized QR code is unique and contains your payment information only.

Once your personalized QR code is defined, you can easily make the payment with your Ozan SuperApp account at any MetropolCard point. To make a QR payment, you only need to turn the screen of your mobile device into “Metropol POS” devices. With QR payment, you can make all your food card, buffet, cafe, and restaurant payments on a single screen. You can dismiss the burden of carrying a card thanks to this brand-new technology.

As with all contactless payments, the QR option will surely make your life easier and more hygienic!

Ozan SuperApp Cashback

We saved the big news for the end! Ozan SuperApp offers a Cashback system for QR code payments. With Ozan SuperApp Cashback, you get back a certain percentage of the money you spend by making QR payments. Get ready! It has been activated with the latest update of Ozan SuperApp!

And thanks to Ozan SuperApp’s seamless technology, your earnings are transferred to your account instantly.

Download or update Ozan SuperApp now and start earning!

Ozan SuperApp features, transaction limits, and campaigns may differ between countries.