Best Horror Movies on Netflix

19 September 2022

Netflix, the platform where movie lovers have access to the most alternatives, now has a range of productions and broadcasts leading this sector. The most impressive scripts with the most talented casts are presented to the audience by Netflix. And now, we present the list of the best horror movies on Netflix for you!

Making industry-leading investments not only for the screening of movies but also for the broadcasting of its motion picture projects, Netflix’s horror movies category is one of its most popular categories. If you’re a fan of heart-pounding movies, Netflix’s list of the best horror movies is at your service!

The Ritual – 2017 (IMDb: 6.3)


First on the list is The Ritual, where an innocent travel plan turns into a blood-curdling thriller. The movie starts with a hike planned by five friends from college (Phil, Dom, Hutch, Luke, and Rob), and gets heated when one of the group members wants to go to a liquor store.

In the rest of the movie, Rob confronts the robbers head-on upon entering the store where he wants to do his shopping. Willing to intervene in his friend’s encounter with the robbers, Luke witnesses Rob’s murder just as he is about to make a move to save him. After this scene, the movie gets intense and the tension reaches its peak.

Blood Red Sky – 2021 (IMDb: 6.1)


Presented to the audience as a Netflix Germany project, the movie Blood Red Sky became one of the most impressive productions shortly after its release. Graham McTavish, Dominic Purcell, and Peri Baumeister are the lead actors in this movie containing so much excitement and fear that you won’t notice when the popcorn runs out. The screenplay and editing of the movie by Peter Thorwarth are simply amazing!

Nadja is the main heroine, struggling with a mysterious incurable disease and trying to live with her 10-year-old son. When Nadja is unable to find a way to cure her illness despite countless research and medical examinations, she embarks on a journey with her son to seek the last hope in New York.

When her flight turns into a death ship after a hijacking attempt by terrorists, she unleashes the disease she has been hiding from everyone until then – the monster inside her – to save her son. Then the jaw-dropping scenes begin.

Annihilation – 2018 (IMDb: 6.8)


The psychological horror film Annihilation, written by Alex Garland and based on Jeff VanderMeer’s novel of the same name, is a few hours of tense, nail-biting suspense. When we say Natalie Portman is in the starring role, we know you’ll say “don’t tell us the rest”, but let’s talk about it anyway. Because the reason why the movie is among the best horror movies on Netflix is its script, which is as remarkable as its cast.

A journey that nobody has returned is the main subject of the script.  Those going on this journey either don’t come back or they change. We won’t tell you the meaning of this change until you see the movie. No doubt you will enjoy Annihilation, offering a different kind of satisfaction as it leaves the finale to your wide imagination! In addition, the visual quality and fictional success are as expected from a horror movie!

The Witch: A New-England Folktale – 2016 (IMDb: 6.9)


Get ready for the thrilling suspense of The Witch starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, and Kate Dickie! In the 17th century, the tension of the forest where a Christian family lives is already enough for the audience, but the disappearance of a child without a trace adds to the excitement.

While the excitement of the movie is at its peak, the scenes of the other children of the family hearing/seeing divine voices and visions along with this disappearance are the ones keeping the audiences on the edge of their seats. Only the beginning of the disasters befalls the family, the scenes are followed by a unique atmosphere of suspense throughout the movie with the perfect harmony of sound, editing, acting, and script components.

The extraordinary happenings of a Christian farming family in the 17th century, when religious beliefs were at an all-time high, have a structure keeping your heart rate at a steady pace throughout the movie. Allowing you to enjoy a movie where you can’t tear yourself away from the screen, but you will also feel the heat, successful director Robert Eggers will impress you with his mesmerizing framing!

It – 2017 (IMDb: 7.3)


One of the most remarkable adaptations of Stephen King’s books, It, is also one of the favorites on the Netflix best horror movies list.

Since we know you’ll watch every second of the 2017 supernatural movie with a “thank you” attitude, thank you in advance. Bill Skarsgard plays the lead role in the adaptation written by Chase Palmer. Starting being Shot in southern Ontario, filming began in June 2016 and lasted till April 2017.

The impressive cast including Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Nicholas Hamilton, etc. coming together with such a script has created a masterpiece, as you might have guessed. One of the best horror movies on Netflix with one of the highest IMDb scores, “It” will surely get full marks from you! 

Fascinating the audience, the premiere of It was held in 2017. Since its release, the movie has broken countless records and is also the highest-grossing movie of all time. In the category of horror films, the film not only conquered the hearts of critics but also the hearts of the audience. After all, this horror movie masterpiece fascinates the whole world and is also one of the most watched alternatives among the best horror movies on Netflix!

Doctor Sleep – 2019 (IMDb: 7.3)


Witness the misfortune of Danny, a man in the grip of alcohol, in Doctor Sleep, one of the best horror movies on Netflix! Exhausted from his struggle with his childhood traumas, Danny seeks a cure in a support group to get rid of the disease of despair he has inherited.

Danny, the protagonist of the movie, has a unique power called “The Flare” allowing him to bring peace to people at the moment of death, which becomes the cause of mysterious and suspenseful events for him. Together with his partner, whose powers are similar to his own, he embarks on a fight to survive a group determined to destroy people with special powers. 

Danny’s emotional rollercoaster will certainly move you, but get ready for a thriller that will never lose its horror movie vibe. Netflix’s list of the best horror movies will be one of the best to watch with this impressive production!

The Host – 2006 (IMDb: 7.1)


The horrific catastrophe caused by chemicals left over from the US military in the Han River is the central theme of The Host. A gigantic creature appears in the river and slaughters hundreds of people in the area, causing scenes guaranteed to make your head spin; on top of that, the creature is found to have infected humans with an unprecedented virus. When a monster kidnaps Hyun-Seo, the daughter of a family making up the main cast of the movie, the family members rise to reach their daughter, leading to a war.

Among the best horror movies on Netflix, we have carefully selected scripts for you by maximizing the tension, of course, but the pace of this story continues without slowing down and the taste is completely different! While watching this production, which we are sure you will add to your list of things to watch a second time, its worldwide viewership rate and IMDb score are also noteworthy. We always stick to the best for you and this movie is a brilliant representation of the best!

The Others – 2001 (IMDb: 7.6)


One of the paranormal scenarios on the Netflix best horror movies list, The Others is one of the movies guaranteed to give you goosebumps. After losing her husband in the war, the main character Grace tries to survive in a remote house as the mother of two children affected by sunlight. Desperate for help as she struggles to keep her children safe from sunlight in a dark house where the curtains never open, Grace one day encounters a strange trio at the door. An old woman, a mute young girl, and a man, but they’re the kind of people you’d say “something fishy is going on around here” as soon as you see them.

As the movie continues, paranormal events begin to unfold for Grace after welcoming three strangers to her house to help herself. Despite having been used to her daughter starting to see a dead child in the house for a while, Grace did not take her daughter very seriously.

As the strange behavior of the servants arriving at the house takes on different dimensions with each scene, Grace experiences moments of full confrontation in her house, cut off from the town by fog. You may need a few minutes to pull yourself together after the movie before choosing another one from our Netflix best horror movies list.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North – 2021 (IMDb: 7.0)


Released in July 2021, Kingdom: Ashin of the North follows protagonist Ashin and a group of companions on an expedition to the north. The main purpose of this journey is to investigate the identity of Ashin, the heir to become the future head of the tribe.

The connection between discovering the origin of the resurrection plant and uncovering the mystery of Ashin’s identity leads the travelers on a fantastic adventure. Attracting great attention with its IMDb score in the Netflix best horror movies list, the movie is known to have been voted by more than three thousand viewers.

As an important source of insight for movie lovers, IMDb scores undertake a task revealing the quality of movies. In this respect, as you know, the Netflix audience is the most important jury in the IMDb scores of movies. With 7.0, Kingdom: Ashin of the North is one of the best horror movies on Netflix that can successfully pass your filter.

The Purge – 2013 (IMDb: 5.8)


Imagine a night when every crime is allowed to be committed. Moreover, every year one night is chosen for this event and people go on a bloodthirsty rampage. The Purge’s story starts with government decisions as administrative propaganda.

Unable to cope with prison overcrowding and crime, the government envisions reducing these rates by allowing people the freedom to act out their every inclination. With this prediction, the community announces one night every year for 12 hours that no one will be punished for any crime and no criminals will be caught. As you can see from the beginning of the story, there is no reason why things can’t get messy!

Netflix’s best horror movie alternatives include a well-established and speculative production with not only tension but also action to take you away. Thrilling at every step of the way, and with fear enveloping the viewer step by step, The Purge is one of the productions guaranteed to make you enjoy the movie to the fullest. The most striking aspect of this story, which you will get the same taste in the sequel, is the ending of the first movie!

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