A New Trend of the Gaming World: New World Review

14 March 2022

Are you ready for a unique review of New World, one of the games that take gamers by storm, especially the gamers who love MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) experiences? You will find everything you are looking for about the founder, content, graphics and story of the game in our article.

Setting out to fully meet the new generation gaming expectations, New World is the product of a huge brand. We will reveal all the secrets you need to know for New World, which is in the spotlight as the most trending and compelling game of Amazon Games!

While Battle Royale has been changing the game world, New World is a high-quality game that is turning this change to the direction of the MMORPG. New World, where you can enjoy fighting by leveling up, stands out with its original story and characters.

If you are ready, let’s talk about all we know about New World by Amazon Games and open a new page for you in the gaming community. Let the game begin!

What is New World?


As long-time gamers already know, Ultima Online and World of Warcraft are among the biggest games of the genre. And now, New World is likely to be one of the MMORPG cults with its high-quality features. All kinds of classic features that are wished to be seen in the usual MMORPG genre are available in the game. But it makes a difference with the use of new generation graphics and game mechanics and with many other innovations it brings. When you step into the world of the New World worthy of its name, you will find the best examples ever designed.

The game adopts a more rapid and different progression technique than the classic MMORPG system. The most colorful part for you may be the environments where the story of the game takes place! You can design your own houses, which you can buy after a certain level, according to your skills and imagination. From the wood you chop to make furniture, to the wool you collect you make clothing, everything is under your control. One of the most characteristic features of New World is the special areas where everyone can reflect their own self in the game, which gives the player so many possibilities for movement and imagination.

Levelling up mechanics are presented in a completely different way. As you level up in classic MMORPGs, your character is developed with the choices you make carefully from the skill tree of the class you choose. New World, on the other hand, builds the development system entirely on the weapons you use. Weapons replace character classes in the game. You gain experience points as you use weapons from the main categories such as swords, spears, axes, bows or rifles. You also use points to unlock weapon skills.

Also, the combat system is huge enough to make its mark on the genre! The combat mechanics that New World brings to the genre are quite exciting, including fortress wars with real players through mind-blowing strategies. The common belief that nothing will beat the World of Warcraft is likely to be shaken as you play this game. In an order where PvP lovers are not forgotten, you can start deadly raids either with other players or play PvE together with your friends and declare your dominance in this world.

The Lore of New World


After a detailed character creation process, you find yourself on an island called Aeternum. The minerals called Azoth found on this mythical island both strengthen life on the island and rot it at the same time. Combat against many different enemies and creatures await you in this magical atmosphere. The most mysterious feature of the island is that none of the creatures on it actually die, and both your character and every monster you defeat respawn after a while.

New World’s huge map has many different areas to explore and remnants of the island’s mysterious history that you need to make sense of. Each mission you complete will increase your knowledge of the island and your progress in solving its secrets. Thus, you will be one step closer to being the master of the adventure full of secrets.

In Aeternum, where there are 3 different factions, you will have to make a choice, and the conquest missions for your faction and the castle defences that last for hours are waiting for you.

How to Play New World?

Game lovers who started their MMORPG adventure with Ultima Online and crowned it with World of Warcraft know well that the productions that provide uninterrupted gaming pleasure after purchasing are the most wonderful game experiences. It is possible to have the same unique experience in New World because you can play and enjoy the game after purchasing it on Steam.
You can embark on an adventure without the need to pay additional or regular membership fees. The game, which also has comforting features in terms of system requirements, has optimizations that can work on both new and old systems. In other words, everything you would need has been considered.

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