The Best Chrome Extensions That’ll Make Your Life Easier

17 December 2021

No one calls it surfing anymore – the internet is a mainstay of our life’s routine. There’s more to the internet than satisfying our curiosity, conducting a search or just having fun. We live and breathe the internet to make things work, to maintain our homes, even to carry out our professions.

Browsers, our digital BFFs, are one of our biggest supporters online. The main function of browsers is to convert code into visible design, such as a web page – allowing us to reach innovations on digital platforms and offering us information all at once.

The most popular browser worldwide is Google’s Chrome. Just like Santa Claus, who must make a stop at every household at Christmas; Chrome seems to have made a stop at every PC! It’s fast, it’s user-friendly and can be enhanced with many extensions. (By the way, if you’re on a different browser, don’t fret; the extensions we recommend below are available on other popular browsers as well!)

The Great Suspender

Many of us keep multiple browser tabs open all at once when browsing or working. While it’s convenient to do so, it often leads to high memory usage. This problem can be alleviated with The Great Suspender extension.

Thanks to the Great Suspender, users who like to jump from subject to subject and have dozens of tabs open at the same time can continue their browsing in this fashion while maintaining their computer performance.


As you know, online shopping is more popular these days than stepping out of the house to go to the corner store. Discounts are popular in online retail, as in brick-and-mortar stores, but no one is clipping coupons anymore.

How so? That’s where Honey steps in. The extension automatically brings you hundreds of thousands of discount codes from over 30,000 websites, making online shopping a sweeter deal than ever. Honey was bought by PayPal in 2019 and makes online shopping a treat!

Clipboard History Pro

Larry Tesler, the man who invented the copy-paste process deserves a medal, we think. If he hadn’t done so, we’d still be typing lengthy columns of text over and over again. Yet the regular copy-paste is limited to one copy and one paste at a time. For standard copy-paste actions you have to repeat the process for each text multiple times. You lose valuable time, and frankly, who wants that? We think that you deserve better!

With Clipboard History Pro, you can collect all the text you copied and can command paste as many times as you like. We hope that you’ll spend the time you save with our recommendation by reading our articles!

Better History

Have you ever experienced the magical moment when a webpage had exactly what you needed? And then lost track of it? You’d have to bookmark the perfect site to find it again. Failing that, that page is lost amongst the hundreds of sites in your browsing history. What heartbreak!

With Better History, you will be safe from losing such an important resource. The extension adds filters such as date, time, etc. to your browser history and that way, you will be able to reach the website you want, rather than lament its loss forever.

Hover Zoom+

Each website has its own features and formats for inspecting or zooming images. You may have to jump through hoops and spend time to get a proper view of these visuals. But we won’t let the requirements of the digital world wear you down!

Hover Zoom+ extension allows you to enlarge the image seamlessly, scaling to fit your browser window. All you have to do is to hover over the image you want to enlarge with your cursor. Now that you know about this extension, don’t waste a minute longer! Add the extension and hop through images with Hover Zoom+.

Google Translate

When you’re browsing foreign-language websites, do you copy-paste the text into Google Translate trying to figure out what you’re actually reading?

Back away from your mouse and hear us out: Google Translate is also available as an extension. With this extension, you can view the text on any site in your own language. That saves you multiple translation trips across your browser’s tabs.


There is a priceless app to avoid typos and errors when you’re writing in English! Grammarly will become the second set of eyes for your English copy, correcting your spelling and grammar as you go along.

It works seamlessly with your everyday apps such as Gmail and Google Docs. That way, you can keep your correspondence free of mistakes and in perfect clarity. The app fixes the minutest details so you can keep your nonchalance and learn from your mistakes as you go along, getting better every day. (we’re actually using it right now!)

Ozan SuperApp

We know it’s not a Chrome extension, but after mentioning all these handy extensions that’ll make your life much easier, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our very own Ozan SuperApp, the star of digital finance. With Ozan SuperApp you can transfer cash, earn from cashback campaigns, get game codes, and use e-Pins, so download it without delay!

Ozan SuperApp features, transaction limits, and campaigns may differ between countries.