Enjoy Your At-Home Exercise with Best Workout Apps

12 May 2022

A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are among the main factors that negatively affect our physical and mental health. But avoiding such negativities is possible with strong willpower and meticulous planning. We know that you are not one of those making excuses such as “I don’t have enough time” or “Not everyone can go to the gym or lead a regular life”. That’s why we’d like to inform you that there are various professional applications that defy such excuses. Thanks to the effective at-home workout models introduced by these applications, every house can turn into a gym!

If you wish to incorporate sports into your daily routine in order to improve your fitness and health, but do not have enough time for gyms or personal training programs, you are at the right place as always! We have compiled this article with the aim of suggesting to you the best workout apps that will help you create an at-home exercise regimen. In this way, you can access professional programs of any branch of sports that you are interested in and turn your home into a gym, thanks to the applications you will download to your phone!

With their flexible program-building features that can conform to your lifestyle and daily schedule, workout applications can generate tailor-made programs based on your schedule and goals, ensuring that you do not neglect your health. Thus, whether you wish to do yoga, fitness, or any other kind of training, you can perform your exercises in the comfort of your home, accompanied by professional guidance and in accordance with your own daily routine. So put on something comfortable and start creating your new exercise program with one of the best workout apps we’ve selected for you!



Freeletics, which stands out with its personalized training program services among workout applications, is at the top of our list. You can get maximum results from bodyweight exercises thanks to the application that tracks your workouts as well as your calorie intake with the help of the nutrition programs. We won’t tell anyone if you take short breaks from time to time, but you better stick to the programs to meet your Freeletics goals. You can easily access this application, which allows you to organize all the details for your at-home workout, from iOS and Android devices.

Sworkit Kişisel Antrenör


Thanks to Sworkit Personal Trainer, which is one of the best alternatives in the list of free workout applications, you can have a personal trainer who will support you all the time. It is possible to find countless alternatives in the application that guides its users with strength, stretching and cardio exercises and offers professional workout programs! In Sworkit, you can generate workout programs in accordance with your schedule and goals thanks to the exercises offered with different duration alternatives starting from a minimum of 5 minutes up to 60 minutes.

With this application, you can easily access the instructional videos recorded with the trainers and edited for you to do the movements in the correct way. Offering more than 160 programs, Sworkit is free for 7 days after downloading!

Nike Training Club


Thanks to the Nike Training Club application, which is among the most famous sports brands in the world, it is possible to create your own training programs and enjoy your workout in the most professional way.

In Nike Training Club, you can access exercise videos in countless categories that also feature famous athletes such as Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo. The application brings the most prestigious trainers in the world to your home!

The Pilates Class


If you sighingly say “I should have been on that mat” every time you look at challenging yet amazing pilates poses, The Pilates Class offers all the guidance and professional pilates training you would ever need!

With countless tutorials and alternative programs offered by the application, your surroundings will turn into a pilates class whenever and wherever you wish. Join The Pilates Class if you want to experience the benefits of pilates and have a fit and flexible body in a short time.

DownDog Yoga


If you want to start doing yoga, which is both a spiritual and physical journey, and need a professional program for that, Downdog Yoga is one of the leading applications with the most productive programs for you! In Downdog Yoga, you can list all stretching movements and poses in the most quality way. You can also add external exercises to your program via the app.

The application has not remained indifferent to the increasing trend of sedentary life during the coronavirus lockdowns, and offered free access for a limited time! Download Downdog now, and access dozens of training programs ranging from yoga to HIIT instantly!

Bonus: FatSecret Calorie Counter


“Food is nice while eating, and calories are nice while burning!” FatSecret Calorie Counter is the most quality option among the applications developed for those who want to integrate this motto into their lives. This application shows the calories of the food you eat and how many calories you burn in your workout, while providing the option to create your favorite food lists and a product recognition technology!

Nutrition tracking is one of the crucial elements in a regular workout program. In this respect, your digital calorie assistant FatSecret can help you create an effective program. With this application, it is very easy to follow your nutritional lists, product calorie tracking and workout activity reports.

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