What is Space Mining?

9 November 2022

Here we are with one of the world’s most invested and indispensable working areas in the future life order: space mining! So what does the concept refer to? What is mining in space, how is it done, what does it do, and what areas does it contribute to? First, let’s get to the origin. If ready, let’s talk about the biggest trophies of space adventures!

The main purpose of space mining, also known as asteroid mining, is to exploit extraterrestrial planets and space materials for their mineral value. As you know, our planet’s resources are limited. Considering the growing population and the need for energy, turning to different sources is a must. This necessity has given rise to the field of space mining, which is already taking giant steps and building its future.

The discovery of minerals and gases on asteroids and other planets began many years ago. However, the discovery of elements valuable enough to be mined is still in its infancy. Only a handful of countries carry out professional studies of this mineral exploration, and findings affect the whole world. Nevertheless, in the world of the future, space mines are seen as sources of energy of unimaginable volume and continue to receive considerable investment.

Why is Space Mining Needed?

The main objective of space mining is to explore extraterrestrial space for mineral value. Detecting minerals in space and bringing these precious ores to our planet is seen as a solution to Earth’s limited resources. In other words, the world’s minerals and energy resources, which we thought would never end, are running out. To solve this problem, the scientific community has been pursuing off-planet exploration.

The space mines will be used to meet energy needs in different fields through scientific studies. Of course, space mining is one of the focal points not only for those dedicating their lives to science but also for investors in a system where money attracts money. World giant companies are known to follow closely and invest heavily in many research studies.

How Will Space Mining Be Conducted?

As you can imagine, the traditional methods used for mining on Earth don’t work very well in space. Once these methods proved to be useless on different planets, leading researchers in space science pushed the boundaries of technical science and came up with different extraction formulas. Exciting to read about, these developments are now officially taking place outside our planet, and space mining activities continue unfazed!

One of the most frequently used methods for the extraction of space minerals is a technique called the Mond. Mond, one of the most functional techniques for extracting nickel and iron discovered through space exploration, consists of chemical processes.


The elements exposed to high pressure cause the metals to rise and precious materials such as gold and platinum to emerge. Thanks to the pressure practices supported by special chemical mixtures, the collection of space minerals from the surface become possible.

Much more than the Mond technique for space mining is helping researchers on this path. Used for both detection and mining in the space environment, the capabilities of these technological products do not look like science fiction movies. Thanks to the mining robots developed, the mining risks of the space environment are minimized and the volume is increased. We will certainly see today’s robots with many different designs in future mining operations!

Countries Interested in Space Mining

With the world’s ever-increasing population and the lengthening duration of human life, energy consumption has reached incredible levels. With the resources consumed without thinking about the future, the search for resources for energy needs has exceeded the limits of the planet. The main function of space mining is to discover and transform new resources. In such a gigantic undertaking, of course, the names of world giants are mentioned.

US private companies and NASA are the most interested in space mining, followed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Of course, the Russian Federal Space Agency ROSCOSMOS is also one of the organizations actively working in the field of space mining. Finally, Japan, the everlasting light of science, is one of the pioneers in this race. JAXA (Japan Space Exploration Agency) continues to develop innovative technologies in the exploration and extraction of space minerals.

Potential Space Mines

Certain areas stand out for space mines, one of the new generations of space explorers. One of the most important sources is our beloved moon, the light of our nights.

The Moon’s distance of 384,000 kilometers from Earth is considered one of the shortest distances traveled in space mining. Thus, the Moon is one of the most cost-effective areas for the extraction of precious minerals. Potential for Helium-3, gold and platinum mines on the Moon, but especially Helium-3 is like sand in the sea! The moon is considered to be the main source of this mineral, which is the most important requirement for reactors.

Apart from the Moon, one of the richest deposits of space mining is the so-called Asteroid Belt. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is a region of almost all the elements, which makes it one of the most popular areas of research in space mining. Finally, Jupiter is a planet considered to be the main source of hydrogen supply. The amount of helium in this gas giant is 65 thousand times the potential on the Moon!

Precious Minerals Found in Space

While space remains unknown in every aspect, humans are trying to solve this unknown in many ways through off-planet exploration. Although space mining is designed to meet the planet’s energy needs, the field is also very important in terms of space exploration. One of the interesting topics for you, like everyone else, is what are precious metals in space.


Here are the minerals that have been discovered and are likely to be in space:

  • Gold
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel
  • Helium-3
  • Platinum
  • Iron
  • Manganese

Many space minerals are recyclable, making them crucial for meeting our energy needs. Leading space exploration companies and private startups are increasing their investments in space mining. Some potential fuel gases for the vehicles of the future are among the main exploration objects of Jupiter-focused studies.

The Future of Space Mining

Considered one of the most productive areas of the future, investments in space mining have already reached huge volumes. Closely followed by the world’s giant capitals, space mining is expected to see many different partnerships soon.

By exploring the boundless resources of space, we hope to reach a consciousness where we will appreciate them. Many dedicated institutions exist for the protection of space minerals so that their value is not undervalued until the end of time, as is the case with Earth’s resources.

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