Legendary Old PC Games You Can Find on Steam

19 September 2022

Steam is the one platform that everyone thinks about first when it comes to gaming platforms! Well, such a popular gaming platform is bound to have its unique features and beauties. So, we think it would be a good idea to share the legendary beauty of this amazing platform with you.

We’re here to talk about Steam, the company that has reconquered hearts with its series of old computer games. Now that it’s possible to buy a Steam wallet code through the Ozan SuperApp and great benefits are at your disposal, you really didn’t think we were going to let you miss out?

Deciding to reintroduce the game content to its origin while keeping the pulse of the gaming world, Steam has created an opportunity for the new generation to meet the classics. Considering today’s rising game prices and the advantages of the original mechanics of older games, it sounds like an idea, doesn’t it? 

If you’re ready, let’s take a look at old computer games and legendary RPG worlds. Then, you can find the best alternative for your taste!

Fallout 1 / Fallout 2


When Fallout was first released, exploring the mysterious adventure of the Fallout universe was a must for every game lover because the puzzles and challenges of the post-apocalyptic universe in this game, which became more complex with each episode, were enough to increase the excitement of the players. 

Fallout 1 Vault-Tec is a parallel-story game designed for you to develop bunkers, which of course find their rightful place in Steam’s old PC games series. In the game, you must create a shelter for your people in the underworld and save them by fulfilling the given tasks! 

The most appealing feature of Fallout 1 is to be played in more than one way, just like a genuine role-playing experience. So, when you create your character, you can be a thief, a broker, a gambler, or start as a melee expert. 

If you fulfill the three basic tasks you have to do at the beginning, building a shelter in the Vault and creating a habitat for your people will be the first chapter of your adventure. Afterward, you must follow various journeys to fight against the system and make your way to victory! 

In the series of old computer games, Fallout 2 has managed to find its place in the glory of the first game. In the 2nd version of the game, you start as a hero trying to survive in a world devastated by the nuclear war. 

You and the members of your community create spaces for survival. On the other hand, overcoming challenging quests to obtain armor, weapons, and all items is inherent in this game. You must combine your intelligence and agility to advance confidently in this 99-level game and establish your territory safely!

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines 


With perhaps the most characteristic storyline in the RPG game category, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is indispensable for those looking to create creative game characters and spend hours in exciting scenarios. Considered as the best example of story and character differentiation among old computer games, the better you manage your squad in Commandos, the faster you will finish the game. 

The game features 6 professional commando characters available to take part in missions for you. These are: 

  • The Green Beret (Butcher)
  • The Sniper (Duke)
  • The Marine (Fins)
  • The Spy (Spooky)
  • The Sapper (Fireman)
  • The Driver (Brooklyn)

The story of each character forming the team is enough for you to connect with them from the very beginning. Because a slice of each commando’s life unfolds in the game and allows you to get to know your team. For example, you have to manage Duke, a sniper commando from a noble family, and Fins, your alcoholic and gambling-addicted melee fighter.

Together with your team, you’ll need to solve puzzles and fulfil tasks given to you to progress through the game. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines has the most characteristic storyline of any old computer game in every detail. If a compelling story comes before graphics and mechanics for you, Commandos is definitely at the top of your RPG alternatives!

Grim Fandango Remastered 


If you don’t only think of Telltale games when it comes to adventure, then you’ve got a deep selection of games to choose from. Of course, we are talking about Grim Fandango Remastered

After 15 years of longing, you will meet the ancestor of legends such as The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us in this wonderful game, which is included in the series of old computer games as a surprise from Steam. That’s because the first mechanical and control system experiments of all similar games are derived from Grim Fandango Remastered.

Manny’s performance against encryptions and puzzles, combined with your quick wits, makes for a great gaming experience. As you follow Manny’s story and witness the daily routine of an agency worker, expect to find yourself in black holes without knowing what to do next. 

The game can favour the players who can best analyze Manny’s movements. In other words, good observation and tactical expertise are a must to complete the objectives!



MDK 2 is one of the most popular old computer games, now available in HD. Already at the peak of its popularity with the release of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Overhaul Games met all expectations in MDK 2 HD as well. 

While the game still includes the characters Kurt, Hawkins, and Max, the skill level in character gameplay has been increased. As a result of the revision of old computer games and apps with today’s technology, each character experiences the adventures of the story for their chapter. But the atmosphere is much livelier!

Say hi to our pointy-headed buddy if playing MDK 2 HD, where you’ll tackle a total of 10 levels and more than twenty enemies!

Planescape: Torment 


Since the Nameless One opened his eyes in the morgue, Planescape: Torment has remained a cornerstone of the fantasy gaming community. Planescape: Torment is perhaps the most impressive of the old computer games, with its wealth of characters, mystical storyline, and adventurous gameplay dynamics.

The first character in the game, the skull Morte, will be the most important companion reading the tattoos on your back and leading you to Pharod. Because, like every fateful hero with memory problems, you’ll be finding your way through the game with your tattoos. Pharod is the first person in your path and the beginning of the whole adventure is related to the reason for this search.

From castles of regrets to neutral zones, you’ll be dazzled by the myriad of locations depicted in this wonderful game, with a host of extraordinary characters from wizards to witches. Among the old computer games, Planescape will be one of the most intricate games for you and is also the most ahead-of-the-curve game of its time with dialogue myths.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition 


Of all the old computer games, Baldur’s Gate is perhaps the only one whose reputation, if tarnished, would cause outrage among its followers. From this point of view, Overhaul Games is taking a huge risk. Because Baldur’s Gate had the most extensive story content of any RPG game of its era and a huge cast of 25 characters

Keeping the nostalgic cast intact by adding three more characters, the producer has come up with a different Enhanced Edition for the adventure in the Baldur’s Gate universe. Innovative and adaptable, the new version is the alternative with the most in-depth characterization of old computer games!



In 1993, Myst made a quick entry into the list of the most innovative versions of video games, and after almost 30 years, it’s back with us in Steam’s old video game series! 

As one of the CD-ROM games, the fast-paced and action-packed time limits, enemy, and combat options were the most appreciated features of the game. The new version of Myst is beyond words… Captivating the players with its graphical success, story coherence, and software equipment will surely surpass today’s games! 

The first rule of Myst players is to utilize magic books for exploration and quest completion throughout their Age progression. As soon as overcome these quests and mechanisms for the exploration of fantastic locations, the story of the island’s former inhabitants and the trap they fell into will begin for you. 

One of the rare old computer games offering both the deadly missions of the fantasy world and different age progressions, Myst will be one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences for you! 

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