Receipt Scan Feature by Ozan SuperApp

5 January 2023

Aiming to make your life easier with a single application, Ozan SuperApp does not pass a day without introducing brand-new features! 

Send receipts feature allows you to stay up to date with all active campaigns of products and brands! We have gathered all the details you may need about the process where you can multiply your earnings on your snack purchases from chain supermarkets by taking advantage of the send receipt advantage. Let’s get started!

What is the Ozan SuperApp Send Receipt Feature? 

Send receipt feature allows you to participate in Ozan SuperApp campaigns by uploading your snack receipts from chain stores to the app. In this way, you can start the unique cycle where you earn as you spend, and experience one of the countless beauties of being a Ozan SuperApp user. After shopping, use the mobile app to scan your receipts, then check the receipts you sent for approval and get cashback! 

Ozan SuperApp account allows you to top up your wallet with cashback earnings from your purchases at the chain stores included in these campaigns and spend them again on a different purchase. You can also track the cashback you earn by using the send receipt feature on your Ozan SuperApp account and expand your spend-win cycle as much as you wish! 

How Can I Submit My Shopping Receipt? 

When you shop and want to increase your earnings at the same time, Ozan SuperApp is the place to be! Ozan SuperApp proves once again its commitment to making your life easier with its send receipt service, which is also very easy to use. 

All you need to do to earn cashback by scanning receipts is to use the “Receipt Scan” icon in the application. You can then view active campaigns on the screen displayed. Choose your campaign, upload your receipt, and get your cashback! 

When Will My Receipt Be Approved? 

The most important thing to consider when uploading the receipt is that the photo is taken correctly. After uploading a clear photo of your receipt to the app, it will be sent for evaluation. Then your cashback will be credited to your account for your eligible receipts! 

The approval process of the submitted receipts may vary depending on the campaign conditions and the upload characteristics of the receipt. However, Ozan SuperApp will complete the evaluation process as soon as possible and ensure your cashback is credited to your account. During this process, you can also review other campaigns available to you and perform new receipt upload transactions. 

In which cases are sent receipts rejected? 

The specifications required for each purchase or campaign are included in the information section of the campaign. When you upload your shopping receipt, you should also make sure that the photo is clear and understandable. Your claim may be rejected if the photo of the receipt cannot be read. In this case, you may need to create a new request and repeat the receipt upload process. Depending on the reason for the rejection of your receipt, you can complete the incomplete receipt and upload it again. 

You need to pay as much attention to the terms of the campaign as to receipt uploading and photo features. Unfortunately, receipts are rejected unless uploaded in accordance with the date of purchase, campaign features, and receipt upload conditions. You should be careful about the conditions of campaign participation and the requirements for uploading a receipt photo to avoid such a nasty surprise. 

What can I do with the money I earn? 

If campaigns multiplying your earnings are not enough, get ready for Ozan SuperApp’s surprises with its upload receipt feature! Because every campaign returns to you as a spendable balance after uploading the receipt. 

You can spend the balances in any way you want and unlock new purchases. However, you cannot make transfers or cash withdrawals with the earned balances from campaigns. Apart from that, you can benefit from the upload receipt service and campaigns where every gain turns into brand-new opportunities! 

How Many Times Can I Participate in a Campaign? 

Each participated campaign using the upload receipt feature on Ozan SuperApp has its own unique characteristics. Some campaigns include a one-time participation requirement, while others may not have such a limitation. So, it’s up to your wonderful skills to organize the details! 

You can view the details of the campaign you want to participate in and determine how many times you can participate. 

Ozan SuperApp continues to impress in digital finance with its send receipt service as well as with all its services and campaigns! Send receipt service will turn every purchase, including campaigns, into a profit for you. 

You can also use the app for 24/7 money transfers, payments for digital services and games, and QR code payments. Download Ozan SuperApp now and experience the difference between digital financial services and innovation in shopping!

Ozan SuperApp features, transaction limits, and campaigns may differ between countries.