What is SuperApp? One App to Rule Them All!

28 June 2021

SuperApp is a generic term for applications that offer many products and services together in one place. Using the new generation technology, SuperApps are being used all over the world. Due to the convenience that SuperApp provides in financial applications, it has achieved a successful growth trend. Unlike the current traditional financial systems, these applications bring many innovations and conveniences. SuperApp reshapes the conventional financial experience by enabling you to manage all financial activities effortlessly. Ozan SuperApp brings these technological concepts which are not fully used in Turkey yet.

SuperApp is a system that grants access to many processes via one single application. If you have an online business and adopted the digital way of doing business, then SuperApp is a perfect match for you. It is also worth indicating that the behavioural changes of individuals, especially in terms of buying and selling, were effective in the development of SuperApp to provide great convenience and practicality.

What Can You Do With SuperApp?

SuperAppy lets you perform many operations easily. Providing users with significant time-saving, SuperApp offers substantial solutions to both individual users and business owners. Thanks to Ozan SuperApp, a new generation financial technology (fintech) company, it is much easier to reach versatile finance solutions now. Ozan SuperApp offers the freedom to manage finance applications, digital wallet, shopping and games via a single application. If you think that traditional financial solutions are a waste of time and energy and you need more dynamic solutions with the state of the art financial technology, SuperApp fully meets your needs.

Send / Receive Money with SuperApp

It is easier than ever to make financial transactions with SuperApp applications anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you can send and receive money in seconds with SuperApp.

Safe Shopping with SuperApp

Based on reliable and user-friendly principles, SuperApp allows you to have a shopping experience with no security concerns. From daily shopping to bigger purchases, you can perform all transactions with SuperApp.

Make All Your Payments With SuperApp

SuperApp is starting a new era in payment transactions with the solutions it offers. Both for your domestic and international shopping, the system applies all payment security procedures applied by financial services. At the same time, Ozan SuperApp has its own security measures to ensure the safety of each transaction.

Make E-Commerce Payments

SuperApp allows you to make your payments on e-commerce sites in a reliable and easy way. With SuperApp, you can instantly buy a movie ticket or an outfit you like, and order food in seconds.

Buy Game Codes

Thanks to SuperApp, you can safely make in-game purchases for your favourite games. You can purchase the game code in the fastest way and increase the joy of the gaming. Moreover, you can buy any game you want from platforms such as Playstation Store, Google Play, Wolfteam, Steam, Xbox and AppStore and start playing immediately.

Get Digital Membership Codes

Purchasing membership for digital platforms is now much easier with SuperApp. You can continue to enjoy your favourite TV series or movie by purchasing digital membership codes in a safe and effortless way. SuperApp is the key that unlocks the world of entertainment.

Make Bill Payments

SuperApp allows you to pay all your bills in a very short time. SuperApp offers a great comfort by altering the complexity of your payments for each invoice through different systems. By downloading a single application, you will enjoy the comfort of paying all your bills such as electricity, sanitation and telecommunication in one place without any effort..

Make Digital Product Payments

Offering the opportunity to perform many other payment transactions, SuperApp enables you to make digital product payments in the easiest way. It allows you to buy products that you can download and use such as e-books, e-magazines, videos and online courses in the fastest way.

Open Different Currency Accounts

With this new generation system, you can simply open an account for the currency of your investment (TRY, USD and EUR) and start managing your money instantly.

Ozan SuperApp is taking firm steps towards becoming a SuperApp that meets the expectations of its users and took its place in the stores last February. Get Ozan SuperApp now and meet a brand new feature every month that will make your life easier.

Ozan SuperApp features, transaction limits, and campaigns may differ between countries.