5 Dystopian TV Series Recommendations Similar To “Black Mirror”

7 July 2021

With the dark stories it tells in a futuristic atmosphere in every episode, Black Mirror is one of the great series to take an early view of a dystopian, not-too-distant future. Black Mirror has found a new ground for TV Series. With its anthological structure and handling provocative issues in an overt fashion, the series has changed the usual understanding of TV series.

It is impossible for a Black Mirror lover to keep on with the stereotypical storylines! If you’ve already watched the Black Mirror series (probably more than once!) and are yearning for a similar atmosphere, it’s time to look at some alternatives. We came to your rescue with this blog piece. Here are 5 great TV series suggestions for you to get lost in dystopian stories:

Inside No. 9


While watching Inside No. 9, the number 9 will be burnt into your mind! You will find yourself in the middle of unique mysteries in each episode. Produced in 2014, the authenticity of the 5-season series does not bear even the slightest resemblance with stereotypical TV series. In Inside No. 9, the English way of black comedy is combined with pessimistic future imagery.

The series will surely surprise you at the end of each episode. As each episode ends, get ready to shout out: “Whaat?!”

Love, Death & Robots


Love, Death & Robots consists of episodes with independent, unconnected plots. It will please anime lovers and Black Mirror enthusiasts. You can experience a dystopian drama throughout the storylines that are hard to describe. Although the storyline is different in each episode; the series carries traces from the rare intersection among love, death and robots.

Tales From the Loop


How about replacing the chaos of Black Mirror with an idyllic touch? Tales From the Loop offers a synthesis of drama and science fiction. Inspired by the works of artist Simon Stalenhag, Tales From the Loop is a unique masterpiece. Each episode of the series suggests emotional responses to the questions you wonder about the future. The series is so impressive that you will find yourself in a mental struggle while riding on the waves of drama!

The Twilight Zone


The legendary science fiction series of the 1960s, The Twilight Zone brings a new perspective to futuristic scenarios with its 2019 version as well. The episodes of this new version have a characteristic structure that shocks the audience. As we abstain from spoilers, all we can say is to get yourself ready for the craziest twist endings!

Electric Dreams


With a high IMDB score and an impressive scenario, another series that you will immerse in is Electric Dreams. Although the similarity between Black Mirror is emphasized often by the critics, the characters and storyline of the series are quite original. The series presents the visual versions of the stories of Philip K. Dick. The author is accepted as a pioneer of modern science fiction literature. The series also contains stunning visual art.

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