5 Amazing Games To Play With Your Friends

7 July 2021

The swift development of the esports market paves the way in the gaming industry. Regardless of their genres, you stumble on great games that reflect a different reality for the gamers through story-driven, multiplayer or competitive focus. Let’s check out five great games that you can play with your friends!



Survival games are quite popular these days. Among them, Valheim has become a favorite of many players. The game requires high FPS for a smooth experience. So, you may have a better experience with a gaming computer. On Valheim, you will survive by improving yourself and your base from scratch, just like on Minecraft. The game also offers a fascinating experience with its beautiful pixel art.

Valheim takes the player to the old ages with a Viking theme. Although based on ancient Viking lore, the game does not focus on storytelling. The main purpose of Valheim is to increase your dominance from region to region by slowly improving yourself. Boss battles within certain regions allow you to level up and loot epic items. The loot you get lets you expand your dominance by joining bigger battles. But beware; the game is not an easy one. On Valheim, Odin throws you into the world without any knowledge. So firstly, you need to learn. In the beginning, you can only craft basic items such as sticks, axes, hammers and torches. Afterward, you will craft better weapons and equipment.

PUBG Mobile


Having the most active players, PUBG Mobile is another survival game with a different focus. The genre is called “Battle Royale”. In battle royale games, you (or your team) must be the last standing person/team to achieve victory. PUBG Mobile throws 100 people into very large and detailed maps. You are completely unarmed when you first land on the map. You need to loot around quickly to have a chance against 99 players. PUBG Mobile requires you to develop dynamic strategies for unexpected encounters. The game also offers a competitive mode in which you will master the game as you get to know the map. PUBG Mobile should be played on devices with a good screen refresh rate as each millisecond is vital for your survival.



Valorant has become one of the most popular multiplayer games in a very short time. In a nutshell, it is CS:GO with special skills. The game is ideal if you like fierce battles in competitive mode. Valorant does not have a mobile version for now. Although it is similar to games such as CS: GO and Overwatch at first glance, the different game mechanics will give you more pleasure as you get into the game.

Valorant changes the usual Time to Kill (TTK) mechanics by reducing the number of bullets to kill a player. So, it is easier to defeat opponents when fired at the right point. But it means that you can die in the blink of an eye as well. Thus, you should be very careful. Small magazines and fast TTK bring advantages as well as disadvantages. Just like in CS:GO, the main objective in Valorant is defeating the other team either by eliminating them or planting/defusing the bomb. The biggest difference is that each agent has different abilities and skills.

World of Warcraft


Favorite of those who love epic fantasy worlds, World of Warcraft is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) set in the fantastical Warcraft universe with daily, weekly and monthly missions. The game allows you to share your exciting journeys with gamers from all over the world at the same time.

The basic game mechanic depends on fighting magical creatures such as demons, angels, orcs, trolls and goblins on imaginary continents you have never encountered before. In the Warcraft universe, you will fight against tons of different creatures with your friends who play different characters with special abilities. World of Warcraft can also be considered as a strategy game. The game focuses on defeating enemy factions by leveling up your character step by step and using the right abilities at the right time.

Second Life


Second Life allows you to live in a completely different 3D world. Literally speaking, everything in Second Life is created by the players. This makes the game much more interesting. Every creation in Second Life is basically an URL. So to speak, Second Life can be considered as the three-dimensional version of the internet.

The game map has islands just like different websites on the internet. You are allowed to create your own world by purchasing the island you want. When you buy your own island, other players become aware of it and life begins in a small simulation as other players start to visit your island. You can also shape the island as you wish with 3D modeling. The game also has its own currency called Linden. You can earn Linden by working in a virtual job and use your earnings to build any structure you can think of, such as shopping malls and markets.

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