Go to Space without Leaving Your House, SpaceX Dragon 2 Simulator

3 May 2021

Are You Ready to Travel to the International Space Station with the SpaceX Dragon 2 Simulator?

SpaceX has launched a new simulator game that will pique the interest of anyone who’s had dreams of reaching space. The SpaceX Dragon 2 Simulator helps you achieve your dream by making the astronauts’ most critical experience, the experience of connecting to the space station, accessible on the internet. The game, where you find yourself in the Crew Dragon space shuttle, lets you manually connect to the International Space Station and accomplish your mission successfully.

The web-based simulator, which allows you to align the space shuttle with the angles on the screen while it rotates around itself, isn’t as easy as you might think. The various control panels on the left and right of the simulator screen help you complete the connection process. The control panel on the left lets you move up, down, left, and right, whereas the control panel on the right lets you control the Crew Dragon space shuttle’s deflection movements that occur during the rotation of the space shuttle in the direction of the nose and around its axis. The simulator, which requires attention to be paid to speed and direction, gives the user the real experience and challenges them a lot.

How Did SpaceX Come into Our Lives?

Nowadays, probably everyone would recognize the name Elon Musk. This century’s most innovative entrepreneur, Elon Musk’s dreams all revolve around making the sky an accessible oasis for people across space and on the planet Mars. Elon Musk first discovered the digital finance tools of the future early and then founded SpaceX and started a journey that has lasted to this day. SpaceX was founded with the dream of making space travel a reality for all of humanity and it focuses on reusable rockets and space systems that can land on their own. Musk has been an advocate of the space and aviation industry being privatized and incorporated into the free market and thinks that people can touch the stars with competition and modern technologies that reduce costs.

SpaceX had its share of trouble in its first few years but later managed to convince the United States and NASA officials to privatize and launched its dreams by putting the first private company-owned rocket into orbit on September 28, 2008. In the following years, SpaceX sent hundreds of satellites into the sky and is a dream for every individual who aspires to go into space.

What Is Dragon 2?

The Dragon 2, which is the basis of the simulation game, symbolizes the new generation spacecraft that sends astronauts to the International Space Station. Most notably reusable, Dragon 2 symbolizes the newest advancements in the space and aviation industry made possible by SpaceX with its piloted and pilotless flight options. It is a fact that Elon Musk, who is essentially the comic book hero Iron Man come to life, believes single-use rockets make the cost of the journey to space astronomical and make it impossible for humanity to settle in space. Created based on this idea, Dragon 2 can land exactly like a helicopter to the desired point and be used over and over again.

The Dragon 2 capsule is only 4.5 meters long, and its minimal and sleek design is reminiscent of science fiction movies. Elon Musk has paved the way for more frequent and faster space travel. SpaceX and Dragon 2 are also being used by NASA to send cargo to their astronauts at the International Space Station. We’ll see how the genius Elon Musk will keep changing our lives after this latest generation capsule.

How Can You Access the SpaceX Dragon 2 Simulator?

Even if the dreams are big, going on adventures in space with Dragon 2 is exclusive to astronauts for now. However, SpaceX and Elon Musk are giving a start to accessible travel to the International Space Station on your computer with the Dragon 2 Simulator. With the simulation where the task is quite difficult, you can feel like an astronaut of SpaceX or NASA doing maintenance at the station.

Easily accessible on the internet, the simulator can be used for free and without registering. If you wish, we’ll let you embark on the space travel experience that you have been awaiting with excitement. You can access the simulation on SpaceX’s website here, and you can successfully complete your mission as an astronaut by connecting the Dragon 2 capsule to the International Space Station.

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