Best Music Streaming Platforms

12 May 2022

Recently, the competition between music streaming services that brings a slew of attractive opportunities has also led to the discussion of which platform is better. If you can’t make a decision among numerous alternatives, don’t worry! You know we are here to make sure that you always have the best!

While the giant music platform Deezer is withdrawing from the Turkish market, we have already heard the news that new applications will enter the market. We’ll see if you’d be interested in the existing ones or the ones to come!

We’ve looked into the most popular and favorable music streaming platforms for you so that you can find out the one that suits you the best! Our list includes the music platforms that are considered indispensable for music lovers.

There are rumors that Amazon Music is preparing to enter the Turkish market, but an official statement has not yet been made in this regard. If it does, we’ll tell you first, you know. As those who are about to enter the market are on their way, we have compiled a list of leading music streaming platforms for you. Let’s see which one you will like. Whatever the result will be, we are sure that you will make the best choice!



Spotify is an indispensable platform for music lovers. Becoming a pioneer in the history of music streaming applications with its innovations, Spotify continues to be one of the most preferred applications. So what is the magic behind this? Knowing the listener seems to be the key!

Spotify is a platform that endeavors to create a musical identity for its users and reflects this philosophy in its every move. The platform makes playlists based on its users’ listening habits, which helps the users discover new music based on their taste. This feature is obviously great for each Spotify member.

Apple Music


Let’s talk about a brand that never falls from perfection. Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music offers an exceptional quality to its users thanks to its vast library of nearly 60 million songs.

The application does not have a free plan, but it is definitely worth the subscription cost considering the features it offers. Apple Music, which allows the users to pre-add singles from upcoming albums, also offers a user-friendly interface.

YouTube Music


Having joined the competition between music streaming services in 2015, Youtube Music has easily managed to claim one of the top ranks in this race since it has an unprecedentedly rich library as a platform with the broadcasting rights of Youtube. Its most popular feature compared to its counterparts is that Youtube still remains dominant in terms of video content.

It is possible to find many musical covers and versions in the application, which offers you the chance to watch the video of the music from the top tab whenever you want. The platform’s rise continues in the race with giants such as Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify!



One of the giants in music streaming platforms, Fizy is a music application based in Turkey. We are sure that this aspect adds to the popularity of the platform, but it certainly deserves its place with the innovations and ease of use it offers.

Fizy, where you can instantly access the music you want by searching for the artist or song you want, has a free version where you can enjoy your music. The platform also has paid versions that enable the users to create their own library and space. Yet, it should be noted that the paid versions are preferred more due to their content quality and ease of use.



SoundCloud, which has a lot of interesting podcasts and shows as well as a library content of more than 120 million tracks, has a well-deserved recognition among music streaming applications.

You can access the content of independent artists with the free version of the platform whereas you need to get a paid membership for the albums of popular artists. SoundCloud is likely to be the best music service if it considers the users’ wish that all the content should be available in the free version!

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