With Cloud-Based Game Services, You Don’t Need An Expensive Graphics Card

4 May 2021

If you are one of those who say, “It’s 2021, I still have to look at the clouds to manage the character in the game properly”, we get it. Yes, the new games give mid-range computers a hard time, FPS is very low and you try your best to let your graphics card breathe for a bit. Actually, you can improve your computer’s performance by updating some parts. However, the mining crowd hasn’t left any graphics cards for the rest of us as of the start of 2021, and those that remain cost a fortune. You can even buy a new gaming console and a laptop for the price of a strong graphics card. Of course, if your budget is limited and the gamer inside you is pressuring you to experience new games, you need to pay attention to cloud-based game services. Because these services let you play Control and Cyberpunk 2077 even with old computers.

Step into Cloud-Based Gaming

NVIDIA, known to gamers mostly with their graphics cards, operates in many areas from artificial intelligence studies to supercomputer manufacturing processes. When the company channeled this power for the players, the GeForce Now service was born. In collaboration with some game publishers, NVIDIA lets you play games on game platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG.com, Ubisoft Connect with 1080p resolution and 60 fps speed with an application that you can easily download and install on your computer. To get the full experience with GeForce Now, which utilizes minimal system resources, you need a high-speed internet connection. The application can determine the streaming quality or it’ll also let you make configurations based on your connection speed if you want. Gamers abroad have been enjoying this service for a while now, and thanks to NVIDIA’s collaborations with technology brands in Turkey, it is now available in Turkey as well. This system works on a monthly subscription basis, and it works out cheaper than building a new computer to play.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Finally Launches in Turkey

If you follow the news on technology and gaming, you must have heard that GeForce Now can be used in Turkey with Game+ support. The Turkey leg of the service, which has been in beta for a while and was available for a limited number of users, runs nearly lag-free thanks to NVIDIA’s server being located in Ankara. After downloading and installing the service’s application, syncing the game library with the application, and completing the short account identification process, you can play all games in Now as if they are running on your own computer. The high bitrate levels and barely-detectable keyboard-mouse delays have a positive effect on the gaming experience. Since it’s exactly like you’re running the games on your own computer, you can change the graphic detail level as you want. These settings contain features such as ray tracing too. This lets you seamlessly play games such as Control and Cyberpunk 2077, which can prove too difficult even for computers that cost tens of thousands of liras. You can even play some of the games on devices such as smart phones.

Google Stadia Follows in Its Competitors’ Footsteps

The Stadia service introduced by Google, which has a knack for launching and promoting services and promptly getting rid of them, stands out with its service-exclusive games and the comfort it offers. The service Google presented with reference to its streaming-based video and music services is, while promising, not available in Turkey at the moment. According to statements by Google officials, it won’t be available anytime soon either. On the other hand, the departure of big names such as Jade Raymond, who joined the Stadia staff with high hopes and who we know from the first Assassins Creed game, gives the impression that Stadia will suffer the fate of other Google services that were terminated.

Steam Link is More Traditional Than Now and Stadia

As you know, Link is included in the cloud service category, but it does not exactly match up with the other services we’ve mentioned so far. Because in order to use Link, you have to set your own computer as a streaming device and stream to units such as smartphones and televisions. Steam is a good way to experience the games in your library on different screens, but if you don’t have a strong computer, using Link doesn’t really make much sense.

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