5 Important Tips for Online Shopping Safety

28 June 2021

With each advancement in technology, new applications emerge and make life easier. The Internet has become the most practical platform for shopping. Alongside its benefits, online shopping also brings forth new safety measures to be followed in today’s digital world. Specifically, protection of cards and personal information have vital importance. We have listed some suggestions for you to follow in order to make your online shopping experience as safe as possible.

Check Electronic Trade Information System (ETBIS) Registration

ETBIS (Electronic Trade Information System) is an informative system introduced by the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade. It keeps the record of service providers and intermediaries. It is a service that provides statistical data after collecting and processing e-commerce data. The service lets you check the seller’s credibility record before purchasing something online. The system contains many different data such as warehouse, company and manufacturing addresses.

If you are shopping online from a Turkish vendor, you should check that they’re registered to ETBIS. And checking the data on ETBIS, you can verify the status of the seller or intermediary company. Also, the system helps you solve the problems experienced with the registered providers. Thanks to ETBIS, the quality of customer support is ensured and your legal rights are protected.

SSL Support for Transferring Financial and Personal Information

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is frequently preferred by shopping sites in digital environments and provides information security. The system aims to protect sensitive information from third parties by transferring data in an encrypted form.

From card information to home address, lots of private information is shared during online shopping. Applications and sites with an extra security system are recommended so that such information cannot be accessed by any other. You can prefer websites that work with Public Key/Private Key passwords to ensure further safety.

Password Manager Apps are Safe to Use

Passwords are often difficult to remember. They are automatically saved in the sites and applications. While simple passwords are easy to crack, complex ones are hard to remember. Assuming that you have dozens of passwords for different services, it is very difficult to keep all of them in memory. Password manager applications promise to solve these problems with the features they offer. Storing passwords is as important as protecting personal information. Password managers use complex encryption methods as a protective measure against security vulnerabilities. By using password manager applications, you can easily create and save passwords successfully, and use them whenever you wish.

Read Genuine User Reviews

Another trick for smart shopping is to check genuine user reviews and comments. Today, it is no secret that some businesses get fake reviews or simply buy them. In order to distinguish genuine reviews from the fakes, you should look for the relevance between the review and the product. Also, you should be sceptical about excessive praise – or criticism. Competitors sometimes bad-mouth one another. Many e-commerce platforms require only past buyers to write comments, you may consider the comments on such websites.

If you can’t find many useful comments locally, it can help to refer to sellers’ websites abroad for items available globally. Culturally, buyers in some countries more frequently submit comments, which helps others.

Since reviews from real users are based on their own experience, you should look for objective evaluations with pros and cons. In this way, you have the chance to get a detailed idea about the product and the provider’s attitude.

Protect Your Financial Information Using A Virtual Card

One of the most innovative payment tools, virtual cards are being used more day by day with the increasing activity in online shopping. As the name suggests, virtual cards do not have a physical form. You can simply create a virtual card by yourself, transfer money from your bank account and you are ready for online shopping. The idea behind virtual cards is to protect your physical credit card information, or be able to make a purchase from a retailer that processes only credit cards, without actually owning or using one.

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