Ozan SuperApp Lets You Transfer Money 24/7 Including Weekends!

28 June 2021

The SuperApp concept is considered one of the most innovative financial technologies. SuperApp allows you to manage all your accounts on a single app and offers 24/7 money transfer and conversion.

Are you tired of being unable to transfer money due to the end of the working hours or daily transfer limits? It’s time to enjoy the freedom with Ozan SuperApp, making the concept of time and space out of question for your transfers and conversions! Thanks to the user-friendly and always available application, you can send money to your family and friends at any time or receive money whenever you want.

How to Transfer Money on Weekends and 24/7?

Money transfer transactions may be needed for online shopping, payment or sending money to others. Since financial institutions are usually available during working hours on weekdays, you need a different intermediary for other times. It is vital to find a reliable intermediary to deliver the money to the other people or institutions.

On weekends, you can perform transfers using an ATM or a digital finance application. Money transfer between different institutions may be delayed, even extended to working hours until Monday. With its innovative approach, Ozan SuperApp is one of the ways to send/receive money at any time, regardless of the difference between institutions. Without leaving your home and looking for an ATM, you can practically make payments and money transfers by touching a few buttons over the application. By downloading the application on your smartphone and tablet, you can transfer money and make payments anywhere and anytime without any worry. If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create a profile for yourself by completing a few steps. Then, you can top up any amount of money you want.

If phone, electricity or sanitation bills fall due and you do not notice, you can enjoy your holiday comfortably by making the payments instantly so that there will be no service cut off. You can send money to the accounts of your loved ones 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any limits. If there is an emergency, you can provide help in no time. By buying coins and e-Pin for your favourite videogame, you can level up quickly at the weekend and increase the excitement. When you’re hungry in the middle of the night, you can order a meal or send your sweetheart a sweet treat for a tasty surprise. With your Ozan SuperApp account, you can enjoy doing any transaction at any time!

Get Ozan SuperApp & Send / Receive Money 24/7

Ozan SuperApp stands out with its functional features among the digital finance applications used to exchange money at any time. If you are worried about your personal information being exposed, Ozan SuperApp will ease your mind. Extra protection features embedded in the application provides a secure experience of fast online money transfer. You can choose SuperApp to send money to anyone you want every day of the week, without any time limit. SuperApp is for those who are fed up with the restrictions of traditional money transaction processes and want to take the full advantage of technology. It offers ease of use with its simple interface and protects the data with its powerfully secure structure.

If you want to handle send/receive transactions safely on weekends, we have the app for you! You can buy the outfit you like even in the middle of the night for an important meeting with late notice. If you need money urgently in a difficult time, the financial support you want from your loved ones and family will be transferred to your account within seconds. Thanks to its fast flow, you won’t be asking “When will it be received?” With Ozan SuperApp, you won’t have the time for questions as the transaction will be completed in the blink of an eye. Get Ozan SuperApp now and enjoy the freedom!

Ozan SuperApp features, transaction limits, and campaigns may differ between countries.