The Best Horror Games

9 November 2022

Among game genres, horror games are perhaps the only category preventing enthusiasts from exploring others. Once gamers get a taste of horror games and experience the tension, excitement, and love of the mission, all game genres seem to disappear.

While preparing our best horror games article, we have been very careful to ensure to provide you with the best gaming experience. Because each of these games is of high enough quality to build its audience.

As the myths about horror games are becoming legendary, we thought you should be aware of this phenomenon and prepared a collection including the games you’re curious about. This game selection includes many of the most unusual and impressive games of all time. Take a look at our list of the greatest horror games, each of which deserved to be on the best horror games list the day it was released, but don’t be scared! Because you need that fear while playing the games!

Silent Hill 2


With the release of Resident Evil, the category of horror games has been shaken to its core. Although many similar attempts were made after Silent Hill, no game was able to fully satisfy horror fans.

When Silent Hill first came out, many people compared it to a Resident Evil remake, but these comments were left in the air so much that everyone started talking about the Silent Hill experience as if it was military service.

A well-deserved entry in the list of the best horror games, Silent Hill’s first game told the story of Harry Mason’s search for his missing little girl. In this quest, an experience was created in which the actors disappeared from the tension-filled scenes.

Konami decided to continue the success of Silent Hill’s first game story in the second series and Silent Hill 2 was released. Eagerly awaited by every Silent Hill player, the new game met expectations. Because Silent Hill 2 is back with its independent story and increased tension!

The story of SH2 has no parallels with the first game, which has received both good and bad reviews from its followers. While those used to the story and gameplay of the first game will be looking for some similarities, the rest will be pleased with a brand-new thriller and adventure. SH, managing to enter the list of the best horror games with its second version, seems to announce the news of the follow-up games soon.

The story of Silent Hill 2 still has the flashlight and the tense image of the foggy environment. Walking through the darkness, sure that something will jump out at you at any moment, will send shivers down your spine.

The game is described as a full night game. Because in that unsettling darkness and deafening silence, with dim light, you try to find your way and complete your tasks. And doing so while being aware of what’s following you keeps your pulse racing.

Resident Evil 2 Remake


RE2, the favorite of horror game lovers 21 years ago, is back with Resident Evil 2 Remake. After the story of the first game, you’ll be welcomed into an environment where the zombie outbreak is on the rise. In the face of the zombie outbreak, Leon S. stands strong. Kennedy’s story begins as a rookie and extends to the lives ruined by the ambitions of the Umbrella corporation.

Resident Evil 2 Remake, whose gameplay style is described as much more practical and player-friendly than known zombie outbreak games, owes its place in our list of the best horror games, especially to its graphics. Because the reality of the game is enough to make you think that a zombie is lurking somewhere in your house and feeding there without you knowing. That reality can take and put you somewhere between survivalism and zombie sympathizing is a piece of cake.

Resident Evil 2 Remake begins the story of a rookie battling the outbreak of zombie outbreak. Yet, as soon as the game starts, a team crosses paths in Raccoon City and the tension never stops escalating from that meeting. Choosing a character in the game allows you to unlock another character from the game scenario. Therefore, the exciting struggle for life can continue unfazed!

The Evil Within


If adventures full of gore, bloodshed, and death are a must in the best horror game scenarios, get ready and let us introduce you to the representative of this business. If ever a game could make you see enough corpses to keep your hand ready to check your inventory and make you live in constant fear of death, it’s The Evil Within.

If we were to make a list of the most impressive game scenarios among the best horror games, this game would push for the top. Because from the first moment, you can feel the dull hands touching your cheek through the monitor.

In addition to the script and graphical achievements, the hideouts offered during the mission are the most characteristic feature of The Evil Within. With an arsenal you’ll always want to keep loaded, bunkers are designed to save your life and make you more stressed before your head splits in two. Because the in-game experience is built in such a way that escape and fear of capture are both possible at the same time.

One of the most successful aspects of the game is the sound. In a game combining moments full of excitement with optimum music level; fear of the environment rather than death could only be organized in such a good way. In short, the best horror game will be indispensable for you with its graphic and mechanical success at the same time, that’s for sure!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Taking the horror game experience to a new level with its destructible environment concept, Amnesia: The Dark Descent didn’t escape our eyes either. The game is highly mouse-sensitive, using “click” for almost every action, which is an incredible comfort. For players, this system eliminates the confusion of shortcuts, leaving plenty of opportunity to feel the fear deeply.

The game takes its story from a series of inexplicable events and unspeakable beings. Staying on the dark screen or facing a frightening enemy for a long time is an experience challenging mental health, which in turn challenges the character and makes it difficult to control.

Helplessly lit by a kerosene lamp, you won’t like knowing that you’re a sitting duck for enemies, but still desperate for the thrill, you’ll push on to see the end. By the way, the oil for the kerosene lamp is limited, be careful not to run out before the end!

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth


Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, a horror game and role-playing experience where you play a policeman, is one of the alternatives that its regulars are deeply attached to. While your desire to solve the murders increases exponentially in every episode, the story has a structure making you tense until a voice inside you says “Enough, my heart can’t take it”.

The real story is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, many of the details of the script push the boundaries of what a horror game should be. The combination of imagination and digital dynamics combined with the solidity of a book script explains Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth’s rightful place on the list of the best horror games.

Experiencing the FPS experience with fear and tension, overcoming the difficulties in progress with cooperation and finally facing the reality of dying of curiosity is the shortest summary of the game. Healing, creature-hunting, friend-turned-foe, and the excitement of traversing mystery-filled levels will spend your hours, and no doubt you’ll love this gaming experience!

Dead Space


The moment you feel the drops of blood hitting your face from the bodies flying through the air will determine whether Dead Space is the mistake or gift of a lifetime. The game has one of the most horrifying and chilling contents of any horror game.

Scenes showing more horror on a single screen than you’ll ever see anywhere else may require you to pause for a few minutes. But if you say “what the hell”, let us tell you more.

With humans exhausting all resources on Earth, nothing is left but to hope for space travel. During this journey, called Planet Cracking, the survivors try to remedy the lack of food on other planets. However, during the search, our heroes spot a spaceship named USG Ishimura, which sets the stage for a terrifying adventure of creatures for you. Because the team decides to help this space shuttle and guess who’s on the rescue team? You!

As unaware of what is about to happen to you, focusing on the rescue mission, you have no idea how things will never be the same for you again. As trying to guide your character through the given missions, the harsh reality hits you in the face and makes you one of the victims of the alien invasion. And then? The rest is in your capable hands, either you will be brave and determined enough to stop this invasion or… We think there is no choice but the former, we are on your side!



Outlast is a high-tension game with health warnings for those willing to play. This glorious legend deserves a place in the list of the best horror games with a flag in its hand; the game is a production that can threaten human health with its content.

This threat is mostly based on the great psychological horror story. However, screen lights and light bursts are also dangerous for those with epilepsy-like diseases because maximum quality graphics and harsh lights are used for a realistic progression.

In the game, you will become involved in the horrific story as a journalist trying to investigate. Accepting an assignment to investigate a mental hospital where you are sure something is wrong; you prepare to make your mark in the history of journalism. But suddenly, as struggling to hold on to life and are dragged from tension to tension, you face an important truth. The game is all risk, no guns!

Until Dawn


While even the uneasiness of having changed the future between possibilities is enough, here is a game prepared to challenge you in every aspect with its environment and graphics. The main character of the game is to follow the dialogs and influence another life while choosing one of the options offered to you. Until Dawn is one of the most characteristic scenarios in the ranking of the best horror games.

A group of young people’s lives is tied to your in-game choices, and everything from your answers to questions to the commodities you choose to buy affects them. And so begins a tremendous dilemma for you because the consequences of your choices are faced later and some scenes in the story may make you regret the decisions you made. Making the wrong choice with the tension of not making the wrong choice is the biggest paradox of the game!

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