Movies and Series Similar To Squid Game

14 March 2022

Netflix productions currently determine the color of the screen and the rhythm of the cinema. In order for such a platform to influence millions of people, it is imperative that it appeals to all kinds of audiences and the highest levels of expectations. Netflix has mastered meeting these criteria. Now, almost 2 of its 3 series are in the trends. The show Squid Game is lately among the top trends. One of the main reasons why this Korean-made series achieved such a big success is its script. In the series, where you will be dragged into a different mystery and thrill in each episode, the acting performances are also impeccable!

When you finish the series, which is the pinnacle of suspense and thrill on Netflix, don’t think “What am I going to watch now?”, because we have prepared an excellent article for you about the series and movies like Squid Game. In this way, after finishing the series, you can consider watching the series and movies we’ve listed below, whose scripts are as successful as Squid Game. So, here we go!

Battle Royale


Do you know that survival games (PUBG, Fortnite, etc.), which are the focus of many streamers and gamers today, actually evolved to their current position thanks to a mind-blowing movie with its flawless script and editing? Although there is no statement that the movie directly inspired survival games, Battle Royale, which shows this perspective on the big screen for the first time, is a cornerstone movie about the struggle for survival.

The movie, in which a group of high school students fight until the last person survives and the struggle for survival is witnessed with harsh scenes, is actually considered the mother of the plots we’ve mentioned. Fascinating with both the success of the director and the performance of the cast, the movie is also memorable with its action scenes. We’re sure you’ll get caught up in the action of it, but don’t forget that it contains intense and violent scenes!

The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games, which has many sequels thanks to the high appreciation of its followers, is among the legendary productions that contribute to the theme of survival struggle with its strong visual effects, mindblowing fiction and the dystopian universe. If you’re weighing your criteria for movies worth watching and looking for movies like Squid Game that you’ll want to jump into, join us! We are sure that you will be satisfied with the level of suspense and tension in all of the movies, which are perhaps among the most professional successors of the Battle Royale concept.

Alice in Borderland


Alice in Borderland is one of the productions that started broadcasting on Netflix just a few months before Squid Game, in which the suspense and psychological thrill of the survival struggle came to life. The South Korean series made in 2020 has not become a legend like Squid Game, but it definitely struck a chord with its viewers. Assuming that the fans of this series watch Squid Game because the two are similar, their reason for watching Squid Game is almost the same as the reason you are reading this article. Then don’t leave them alone and join the struggle for life in this unique series that makes allusions to the literary classic Alice in Wonderland!



If you like Squid Game and would prefer to watch something similar with a bit of science fiction elements, then the 1997 movie Cube, which fascinates the audience with its perfect plot, is just for you! Suspense is always at its peak in the movie, in which people who have no clue about their whereabouts try to escape from the cunning and deadly traps. Throughout the movie, you won’t believe your eyes as you see the characters, who are far more dangerous than the traps. Despite its low budget, you will be completely speechless after watching the movie, which has been a hit!

The Running Man


We are sure you won’t question a movie’s quality when you hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the cast. In the 1987 movie, you will see Arnold in the role of a police officer who tries to prove himself right when he is framed for a crime. Arnold, whose last resort for getting out of this deadlock is the game show named The Running Man, fights for his life in this show that he absolutely has to win. The thrill does not stop for a moment in the game show that is based on a fierce struggle between the hunter and the prey. So, listen to us before getting lost in the dystopia of the movie, which also criticizes the TV culture! We should also note that the movie is based on the novel of the same name written by Stephen King.

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