About Us

As Ozan Elektronik Para, we’re founded on a mission to make “payments” simple, convenient, and affordable with a SuperApp perspective for our users. We’ve been serving our users since 2021 with our Ozan SuperApp, Ozan SuperCard, and Ozan Business products.
We currently have offices in London (head office), Istanbul (R&D center), Sofia, and in Malta. We’re preparing to provide our services to users in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA following our international licensing in these countries regions.
2019 AprilOzan Elektronik Para was established
2020 SeptemberAssessed to comply with the PCI-DSS
2021 MarchOzan Business was launched
2021 MarchWe became a member of UnionPay International
2021 JulyWe became a member of Mastercard
2021 JulyWe became a member of BKM and Troy
2021 NovemberWe received QR code generation authorization from BKM
2022 JuneWe received our acquiring license from BDDK
Our Partners
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