Ozan Privacy Policy

Transaction Fees*

Account uploads Free
Person to person (P2P) transfers Free
Transfers to/from merchants Free

*transfers requiring currency conversions are subject to the foreign exchange fees below.

Redemption fees*

Withdrawing funds from an Ozan account to a bank account
  • SEPA 3.50 EUR/2.90 GBP/ 29.00 NOK

  • Faster network: 0.55 EUR/0.50GBP/ 5.55 NOK

  • Swift 0.5% +5.99 EUR/4.90GBP/59.00 NOK

*withdrawals requiring currency conversions are subject to the foreign exchange fees above.

Card ATM fees*

Domestic ATM withdrawal (EEA) up to 200 EUR/200 GBP/2000 NOK or currency equivalent per month First withdrawal per week - free
Additional withdrawals – 2.00 EUR/1 GBP/ 20 NOK
Domestic ATM withdrawal (EEA) above 200 EUR/ 200 GBP/ 2000 NOK or currency equivalent per month 1.99%
International ATM withdrawal(outside EEA)
  • First withdrawal per week - free

  • Additional withdrawals - 1.99%

(minimum 3.00 EUR/2 GBP/ 30.00 NOK fee)

*ATM withdrawals requiring currency conversions are subject to the foreign exchange fees above.

Card admin fees

Activation Fee Free
Monthly Fee for physical cards only 5.99 EUR/4.90 GBP/59.00 NOK
Annual Fee Free
Inactivity Fee Free
Card Replacement Fee Free
Virtual Issuance Fee Free
Physical Issuance Fee Free
Physical Delivery Fee 5.99 EUR/4.90 GBP/59.00 NOK
Express Delivery Fee UK – 14.95 EUR/11.90GBP/ 149.00 NOK
EEA – 23.90 EUR/18.90GBP/ 249.00 NOK
Additional Physical Card Fee 5.99 EUR/4.90 GBP/59.00 NOK
Cancellation fee for physical cards only* 12.90 EUR/ 9.90 GBP/ 129.00 NOK

Other Admin fees

Chargeback fee 25.00 EUR/ 22.90GBP/ 249.00 NOK
Closure fee Up to €50 EUR/ 45.00 GBP/ 500.00 NOK

The closure fee will be charged if Ozan close an Account for any reason stated in our Account Terms and Conditions. We will not cause an Account to go into negative balance. If the account balance is less than the closure fee, we will take the remaining balance of the account in settlement of the closure fee.

Foreign exchange fees

A foreign exchange fee will be applied to any transaction, redemption or withdrawal requiring a currency exchange. The foreign exchange fees below apply to the Ozan account and Card.

USD, GBP, EUR, AUD,CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY,SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD,DKK, PLN and MXN (“Category A”) Interbank market rate Interbank market rate + 0.5%
All other currencies (“Category B”) Interbank market rate + 0.5% Interbank market rate + 2%

Currency conversion betweenNormal banking hours feeNon-banking hours fee

For currency conversions between currencies in Category A and Category B the fee applicable to the base currency will apply. For example, for EUR to RUB conversions, the FX fee applicable to Category A will apply and for conversions from RUB to EUR the FX fee applicable to Category B will apply.

The Normal Banking Hours Fee will apply:

  • To all currency exchanges conducted during Monday to Friday (UTC)(“Normal Banking Hours”);

  • If we are required to transfer funds from one or more currencies held in a customer’s account to another currency to complete a transaction in accordance with clause 3.8 of the Ozan Visa Debit Card terms andConditions; and

  • When we convert fixed fees from Euro to other currencies.

The Non-banking Hours Fee will apply to all other currency conversations including (but not limited to), all transactions conducted during Saturday andSunday (UTC) (“Non-Banking Hours”).

The Interbank exchange market is a wholesale market through which most currency transactions are channelled. We use a third-party data provider to get our interbank market rate for currency exchanges and these rates are dynamically applied to customers transactions. We will apply a mark-up to the interbank rate if the customer makes a currency conversion outside of normal banking hours.

The interbank exchange rates are subject to fluctuation without notice to the customer. The foreign exchange fee we charge will always be displayed to the customer prior to authorising a transaction.


Our fees may be expressed as a percentage of the transaction or as a fixed amount in EUR, GBP or NOK (“Primary Currencies”). Where fixed fee amounts are displayed in a currency that is not one of the Primary Currencies this is for information purposes only.
If we charge fees on a transaction denominated in a currency other than one of the Primary Currencies, the Euro fee amount will be converted into an equivalent fee in the applicable currency using the interbank market exchange rates applicable at the time. The fee will then be deducted from your Ozan Account.
Fees are subject to change in accordance with the Ozan E-money Account Terms and/or the Ozan Visa Debit Card Terms and Conditions.

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